How it works
Important wall of text ahead. Grab a coffee ;)
Check List
First things first. Make sure your manuscript is completed and the story is ready to be published. That would mean the book is already after the final stage of revisions and has been edited and properly formatted to the desired trim size including the final page count. The blurb and other back cover matter elements - if required - such as author/imprint logo, website links etc should also be already prepared. It is also important that you have decided on the publishing channel and that the printing specs are or will be soon available. Only then I will be able to fulfil and complete your cover art project in a timely manner. It normally takes around 7-10 business days commencing on your scheduled date. This would include eventual revisions and required changes.
Creative Brief
You already know what you want. Contact me and tell me all about it. A short synopsis will be highly appreciated. At this point, I reserve the right to refuse if your request doesn't fall under the genres I work with which are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror, Adventure and all related. Once we find common ground and a time frame for your project I will ask you to fill in the order form. You will receive the link from me via e-mail or you can explore the main menu to find it. Once you send it, we agree on the price and I accept the job, our agreement will become legally binding. Please try to provide as much detail as you can. It will help me a lot with building an idea around your cover and will shorten the number of email rounds that we will have to do.
As soon as I have your order I will get back to you with confirmation, starting date according to my schedule and probably a few initial questions about our new project. Then I'll start preparing all the needed resources.
At this point, I will require a booking deposit of €50 via PayPal or a SumUp invoice sent to your email address. This is to cover assets, resources and my time invested in working on your drafts. Therefore it is non-refundable. This deposit will come off the total cost.
Sketches & Design
Now is the time when the magic happens. I will spend my time sourcing assets, sketching and rendering to find that perfect match, adjusting colour pallet, choosing one or two fonts from my library of thousands, size/resize, pose, position, building a composition, painting the artwork and finally designing the layout.
Within two or three working days  I will present to you the very first draft of the cover design. I will ask for your opinion and feedback.
Something that needs to be mentioned, if you don't like anything in the first draft, I will come up with a new idea within the next couple of days. If the second draft is still not what you’re looking for, we should probably stop here and part ways. Fair play.
However, in this case, you will have no right to use any of the mockups delivered and must delete them immediately. You also agree to forfeit your €50 deposit if paid.
A similar rule applies to me. If I feel that I am not the right guy for your project I will let you know right away. In this case, your deposit, if paid, will be refunded in full.
Once I have your feedback and obtain a green light from you, I will continue to work on the cover concept and details according to your suggestions. I will polish them to a high standard, and when you hear from me again, it will be the final version of your cover. However, as I offer unlimited revisions you may ask me to do some small tweaks here and there and minor changes but I will not accept the whole concept change at this point.
Files Delivery & Payment
Once you are happy with the final design, and only if you are absolutely happy with it, I will request payment (via PayPal or SumUp link/invoice emailed to you). Upon receipt, I will deliver the final files to you. This could be done via your Email, but considering file sizes it most likely should be Adobe Creative Cloud, my favourite cloud service similar to Dropbox or Google Drive just easier to use.
And that is all! 
We can now relax, sit back and watch your book running up the charts. We can both post your new cover on our social channels (unless otherwise stated) tagging one another. After that, we wave goodbye... Until next time!
Important ending notes.
Source Files & Ownership
Please note that, due to licensing restrictions,  I do not deliver my source files, raw stock photos, or font files used in your design. This will stay safe with me and if you need any minor changes in the future, that can be arranged with a small fee or even free of charge. 
Please note that you don't buy the artwork itself but instead you pay for the exclusive right to use the artwork as cover art for your book release. The copyright and ownership belong to me and/or the stock photo provider/photographer. Therefore, I reserve the right to make a profit on all my artwork as prints, NFT or part of merchandise if I choose to. Saying that the final cover art cannot be resold or transferred to another person. Also after downloading files to your computer, due to the digital nature of the service refunds cannot and will not be accepted.
Stock  Image Licensing
Currently, I don't use stock photography in my creations. Unless specifically requested. However, all stock images used, if any, are royalty-free and are sourced from services such as Shutterstock or Depositphotos. These, under a standard license, are included in the cost of your cover design. This gives you the right to their use for sales of up to 500,000 print copies sold. Electronic copies or displays are unlimited. However, if you exceed this, or are planning on using your cover design on merchandise for sale then an extended license will need to be purchased. Each image used in your design must be licensed separately. Let me know if this is the case. Please notice that you are responsible for acting according to the law with regard to image licensing and paying your order fee is an acknowledgement of that.
Please find and read the full Terms and Conditions here.
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